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In the heart of rainforestSylvia´s tree frogRed-eyed tree frogGiant leopard mothBrown-hooded parrotGeoffrey´s Spider MonkeyBullet AntSplendid Leaf FrogBroad-billed motmotWhite-spotted Cochran frogMecistogaster ornataCollared aracariFleischmann´s glass frogRain forest pathGliding leaf frogRainforest WaterfallGliding leaf frogParadiseEmerald glass frogBothriechis supraciliarisArenal VolcanoRed-eyed tree frogOrange-chinned parakeetBlue-gray tanagerBarred leaf frogRed-eyed tree frogCommon tody-flycatcherLimon Giant Glass FrogRed-eyed tree frogEmerald glass frogRed-eyed treefrogStrawberry poison-dart frogEmerald glass frogFringed leaf frogGliding leaf frogRed-eyed tree frogBarred leaf frogSpiny-headed tree frogWhite-spotted Cochran frogThelcticopisVariegated squirrelCrimson-collared tanagerEyelash viperOrange HarvestmanWhite-tipped sicklebillEmerald glass frogAnolis polylepisRed-headed BarbetEmerald glass frogAnolis polylepisWho´s there?Eugenes spectabilisStrawberry poison-dart frogEyelash viperIn the Same DirectionOn FlowerNight SnackOn ShoreTiny and CuteColors in NatureGreen WorldSweet NectarBeautyGreen Gem of Costa RicaWater CoveredGlass FrogHummingbird with curved beakCosta Rica Montane PitviperCosta Rica Montane PitviperGreta OtoTalamancaMr GreenGem of Foggy ForestFor the sweet nectarBanana SnackLoud climberLoud climberLoud climberBanana SnackHide and SeekIn the spotlightClimber