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Testing VFFOTO Filters

Photographic filters VFFOTO from Mr Vladimír Fučík are very well known among Czech photographers. I was lucky to get to test three magnetic filters. I already knew from other photographers that they are great and that working with them is much more comfortable compared to classic screw-on filters. I have to agree.


I tested polarizing, graduated neutral ND 0,9 1/3 and 32000xND filters. The whole set was in a very compact package in a protective bag, filters are stacked up. It is very convenient in terms of space and handling is also very easy and simple. The most important thing is to have the magnetic holder screwed-on the lens and you can start enjoying the joy of exchanging the filters. The magnet force is just about right, the filter is well attached even during walking with the camera yet easy to remove.

Magnetic option means no problem even when using the polarizing filter. Rotating is as easy as it can get. Up until now I was used to using filters from other brands and I was so nicely surprised with color produced by VFFOTO filters. It was most significant with the polarizer but neutral filters did not introduce any major color cast.

I was really anxious to work with the darkest neutral filter from VFFOTO range, the ND 32000x, which removes 15 stops of light. This way, exposure time prolongs to several minutes, based on actual light conditions. It´s very convenient when photographing slow moving clouds, in a city to "remove" people and to create other interesting effects. Working with the filter is really easy, thanks to the magnetic mechanism and also VFFOTO phone app, so you can calculate the correct exposure time with the filter.


Last but not least I have to mention the surface finish of filters´ glass. I used them in various conditions, including rain, close to splashing water, cold or fog. It was so easy to just swipe or blow away the droplets of water that got onto or formed on a filter. There was no residue left. This also made using the filters pure joy.

Based on my experience I can only recommend the VFFOTO filters.

Photographs shot with the filters:

Mountain LighthouseSecret waterfallAutumn in KrkonošeOn the waves of autumn